In Sympathy with the Managers, who are Panicking

I cannot be the only one who has been told at the end of an interview that I’ll be called in for orientation as soon as the paperwork is prepared, only to never hear from Major Corporation again. This: an odd way to end an interview. I chalk it up to a manager’s blind panic at the end of an interview: “How do I get her to stop looking at me and walk out the door?! She’s still looking at me!” A thank-you and a handshake would also propel me right out. I promise.

In other news, I feel asleep listening to Devil’s Food Cake Murder (the parrot tells all) at four o’clock in the morning; I was back up at 7:15 baking brownies and taping construction paper to the wall. Today we’re heading to Abbeville, LA, and going on a trip based on an itinerary I found online. We get to play tourist!

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