On the Topic of Lazy Dog Butts

The puppy is prone to flopping down on the grass whenever she’s asked to walk more than half of a mile in temperatures above sixty-five degrees. I wonder if this is a matter of lack of proper training, or if she’s out-of-shape, or, more likely, has never been in shape in the span of her short life, or if it’s the fact that she’s ‘wearing a coat’ (because that’s what everyone says, right? although today on our walk I was completely overdressed, too, in a long-sleeved hoodie and a vest, and I was able to power on, so I’m not sure that coat argument holds water) or if she is dehydrated, or if she is a complete and utter diva.

She is napping on the futon next to me, and I know as soon as I move into the bedroom to continue with Little Dorrit, she’ll nap in there, and then I’ll start napping, too, and I say this with confidence because it’s what’s happened the last two times she and I retired to the bed to read Little Dorrit.

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the colors load.

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causality. Students floated their ideas for their cause-and-effect papers. I & fellow students threw in suggestions.

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