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I loved Kinsella’s Shopaholic series (though the concept wears a little thin when, in the sixth book, the protagonist just doesn’t understand how she could’ve spent so much) but the tone is light and readable, the characterization vivid, and all in all, the series falls into the category of Exceptionally Well-Done Beach Read.

I read the first twenty pages of I’ve Got Your Number last night before bed and already hit a laugh-aloud moment when the protagonist stalled an Asian businessman by performing the Beyonce’s Single Ladies dance in his path towards the exit.

I’m normally skiddish of books that rely too much on texting. Texting is not a form of communication that translates well to the page. (It’s a lot like the problem of many reality television shows these days–all of the fights revolve around “You posted something mean on Twitter about me!” and the accused yells, “Prove it!” and then there’s a shot of someone running a finger over their iPhone — very low dramatic impact).

But am looking forward to retuning to it tonight.

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