HBO’s Girls

Watched the primere episode of the hotly-debated Girls last night. Contained glumness, women in hipster-stripes, terribly awkward ‘we’re HBO and we relish it’ sex with Mister Wrong, and a tongue-in-cheek conversation about SATC.

The central character is a 24 year old woman aspiring to be a writer; she’s been working as an unpaid intern for a year. At the beginning of the episode, her parents cut her off financially, and she begins wailing about the economy & how she needs her parents’ money to become the person she wants to be. All of the women in the ensemble cast are fidgety, unsure of their self-worth (fiscal and otherwise) and seemingly on the verge of shattering.

I’m told this is a comedy, but what sort of monster finds this funny?

Will never watch again. It was like watching the Seinfeld soup Nazi episode, if you were actually acquainted with, and terrified by, an actual soup Nazi.

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