The Writing Nook

I have built a writing nook! I’ve already started calling it “The Nook,” even though Nook is, I think, copyrighted by Barnes and Noble for their rip-off Kindle. It’s a fold-out table purchased from Target–the box portrayed the table being the perfect party centerpiece hosting a collection of wine glasses (into which a man is pouring Perrier).  In reality, it’s a fold-out table with a rubbery top, but it’ll do nicely when paired with my $20 Target “student” chair. (That really is the name of the chair).

I’ve printed a series of inspiring writing quotes, and will back them with construction paper and then tape them up on the wall. And I have speakers! I don’t really need speakers, as I’ll be right next to my computer and will be able to hear the audio just fine, but if I want to blast some pop music, I can really blast.

And all of this is in the corner of the bedroom. Why the bedroom? you might ask, or P did ask, and my response was, “We live in a one-bedroom. It was either this or the bathroom.”

At least I won’t have to plant myself at the dining table anymore, because the dining table already has too many uses, including (but not limited to) storage area/television watching station/where to sit to avoid the hairy futon. The dining table is definitely not Nook-y.

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