P and I went to Blockbuster today to pick up a copy of Ghostbusters, which I’ve never seen; while there, we were investigating whether we could pick up a copy of the Batman XBox 360 game. There were none on the shelves, so I suggested we ask the employees if maybe they had a copy of the game that had been just returned–or was otherwise hidden.

aaand the scene unfolds thusly!

Me (to cashier): You wouldn’t happen to have any copies of the new Batman game, would you?

Cashier (to fellow employee): I don’t know. Mark, go check if there are any copies of the Batman for XBox on the shelves, can you?

Me: No, that’s okay — we already checked the shelves. I just wanted to see if you had any recently returned copies.

Cashier: Mark, can you go see if there are any copies in the return box?

While Mark searches.

Me: The game must be pretty popular, huh?

Cashier: Just because the game isn’t on the shelves doesn’t mean it’s popular. It just means that the number of people who have checked out the game are equal to the number of copies that we have.

Mark does not find the game.


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